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CMAP-771Stochastic dynamics of adaptive trait and neutral marker driven by eco-evolutionary feedbacksSylvain Billiard | Régos Ferrière | Sylvie Méléard | Viet Chi Tran10/201392D25, 60J80, 92D15, 60J75 771.pdf
CMAP-770Inversion of weighted Radon transforms via finite Fourier series weight approximationsJ-P. Guillement | R.G. Novikov02/2013 770.pdf
CMAP-769On the extinction of Continuous State Branching Processes with catastrophesVincent Bansaye | Juan Carlos Pardo Millan | Charline Smadi01/201360J80, 60J25, 60G51, 60H10, 60G55, 60K37769.pdf
CMAP-768Adaptation in a stochastic multi-resources chemostat modelNicolas Champagnat | Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin | Sylvie Méléard01/201392D25, 60J80, 37N25, 92D15, 60J75 768.pdf
CMAP-767{Ion transport in porous media: derivation of the macroscopic equations using up-scaling and properties of the effective coefficientsGregoire ALLAIRE | Robert BRIZZI | Jean-Francois Dufreche | Andro Mikelic | Andrey Piatnitski01/2013 767.pdf
CMAP-766Asymptotic analysis of the Poisson-Boltzmann equation describing electrokinetics in porous mediaGregoire ALLAIRE | Jean-Francois Dufreche | Andro Mikelic | Andrey Piatnitski01/201335B25, 35B40766.pdf
CMAP-765Evolution of a structured population in a heterogeneous environmentClément Fabre | Sylvie Méléard | Emmanuelle Porcher | Céline Teplitsky | Alexandre Robert12/2012 765.pdf
CMAP-764Approximate Lipschitz stability for non-overdetermined inverse scattering at fixed energyR.G. Novikov12/2012 764.pdf
CMAP-763Energy and regularity dependent stability estimates for near-field inverse scattering in multidimensionsMikhail Isaev11/2012 763.pdf
CMAP-762Faddeev eigenfunctions for multipoint potentialsP.G. Grinevich | R.G. Novikov11/2012 762.pdf
CMAP-761New global stability estimates for monochromatic inverse acoustic scatteringM.I. Isaev | R.G. Novikov10/2012 761.pdf
CMAP-760Relaxation of Rotational-Vibrational Energy and Volume Viscosity in H-H2 MixturesDomenico Bruno | Fabrizio ESPOSITO | Vincent Giovangigli10/2012 760.pdf
CMAP-759Structure of Entropies in Dissipative Multicomponent FluidsVincent Giovangigli | Lionel Matuszewski10/2012 759.pdf
CMAP-758Second Order Corrector in the Homogenization of a Conductive-Radiative Heat Transfer ProblemGregoire ALLAIRE | Zakaria Habibi08/201235B27, 80M40758.pdf
CMAP-757Weighted Radon transforms and first order differential systems on the planeR.G. Novikov07/2012 757.pdf
CMAP-756Absence of sufficiently localized traveling wave solutions for the Novikov-Veselov equation at zero energyAnna Kazeykina07/2012 756.pdf


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