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Title: Implicit time discretization of the mean curvature flow with a discontinuous forcing term
Year: 03/2005
Language: English
Abstract: We consider an implicit time discretization for the motion of a hypersurface driven by its anisotropic mean curvature. We prove some convergence results of the scheme under very general assumptions on the forcing term, which include in particular the case of a typical path of the Brownian motion. We compare this limit with other available solutions, whenever they are defined. As a by-product of the analysis, we also provide a simple proof of the coincidence of the limit flow with the regular evolutions, defined for small times, in the case of a regular forcing term.
Pages: 20
MSC: 53C44 53A10
Download: 571.pdf
Auteurs:A. Chambolle
Auteurs:M. Novaga
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