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Title: Uniqueness of the Cheeger set of a convex body
Year: 08/2007
Language: English
Abstract: We prove that if C is a convex N-dimensional body whose boundary is twice continuously differentiable and uniformly convex, then the Cheeger set of C is unique. The Cheeger set of C is the set which minimizes, inside C, the ratio perimeter over volume.

This is a revised version (of July 2006) of a paper submitted in April 2006, to appear in Pacific Journal of Mathematics (231 n°2, 2007)

A recent proof of uniqueness of the Cheeger set without any regularity assumption on the boundary of the convex body has been found by Alter and Caselles (see, the preprint though seems yet unavailable)
Pages: 13
MSC: 52-99 52A39
Download: 621.pdf
Auteurs:V. Caselles
Auteurs:A. Chambolle
Auteurs:M. Novaga
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