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Postdoc offer

Postdoc position for the ANR project "BECASIM"

We offer a 12 months postdoc position (possible extension to 24 months )

Key words : Monte Carlo simulations, Bose Einstein condensation, stochastic (partial) differential equations

Location : CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau ; regular contacts with IECL, Université de Lorraine.

Mission : The proposal is part of the ANR project BECASIM which aims at producing a new state of the art in the computation of Bose-Einstein condensates. It is specifically concerned with a model equation describing optically confined condensates with fluctuations in the laser frequency. The model is a Gross-Pitaevski equation with time dependent stochastic potential. In particular, an already existing Matlab toolbox, called GPELab, has been developed in recent years by our team and provides a starting point for this post-doctoral position.

Job offer description : Monte Carlo simulations need to be used to compute probability density functions of quantities describing the condensate (energy, condensate growth, life time of vortices, …) Due to the slow convergence of Monte Carlo simulations, efficient variance reduction methods need to be designed. The aim of the offer is the design and implementation of efficient multilevel Monte Carlo methods for the computation of the above quantities for the stochastic partial differential equation. This will allow the investigation of temperature dependence effects in the condensate. The new methods developed during the position will be implemented first in GPELab to test their reliability.

Skills and profile : Strong knowledge of computational methods for stochastic differential equations is required. Some knowledge in numerical analysis and/or scientific computing for partial differential or stochastic partial differential equations will be appreciated. The programming language is Matlab but knowledge in C++ is a plus.

Contact : Anne de Bouard ( or Xavier Antoine (

Applications should contain a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, a short (2/3 pages) research statement, a cover letter and two recommendation letters sent separately.

CMAP UMR 7641 École Polytechnique CNRS, Route de Saclay, 91128 Palaiseau Cedex France, Tél: +33 1 69 33 46 23 Fax: +33 1 69 33 46 46