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Anderson model on the fractal lattice

The fractal lattice Γ is a skeleton, i.e. the discrete approximations of the nested fractal, say, the infinite Sierpinski gasket.

The dimension d (Γ) of such lattice (Hausdorff’s dimension or spectral dimension) can be different but in all cases it has values on the interval (1,2).

The Anderson Hamiltonian has the standard definition : Δ is the lattice Laplacian, (X_i) are i.i.d. random variables and σ is a coupling constant.

We will discuss the following recent results :

a) The spectrum of H has no a.c. component P-a.s. for any non-degenerated potential.

b) If the random variables are heavy tailed, then the spectrum of H is p.p. P-a.s. This fact must be true for the arbitrary random variable, but it has not been proved.

Several results for the deterministic potential will be also presented.

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