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Séminaire des doctorants - 21 septembre 2016

Matteo Giacomini (CMAP) - On the volumetric expression of the shape gradient

Salle de conférence du CMAP - 15h00

Shape optimization problems may be viewed as PDE-constrained optimization problems of a shape-dependent functional, the domain being the optimization variable and the PDE being the constraint. We are interested in gradient-based methods for the solution of this class of problems. In this talk, we discuss several expressions of the so-called shape gradient and we focus on the comparison between its surface and its volumetric expressions. After recalling an analytical result on the shape gradient of a shape-dependent functional with a constraint given by an elliptic PDE, we discuss the minimization of the compliance under a volume constraint within the framework of linear elasticity. In particular, the pure displacement and the dual mixed formulations of the linear elasticity problem are considered and a preliminary qualitative comparison of the resulting surface and volumetric expressions of the shape gradient is proposed through some numerical simulations.

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