Getting a copy of the Library

In order to get the source code for the library, please send an e-mail request to the authors specifying your name, affiliation, and possibly the subpackages you need (see below Source Files for EGLIB). We also recomend that you read the user agreement carefully.

Using this server you can already download the file


Once you have downloaded eglib.tar.gz, perform the following steps

The EGLIB Directory

In this directory, you will find the following files

Source Files for EGLIB

The source files of the library are:

Generating the Binary File Linkeg

When the library is initialized, several molecular parameters are read from a binary input file called Linkeg. This file is described in detail in the user's guide. Since most users of the library will probably have these parameters already stored in a binary file resulting from a CHEMKIN transport package (either TPLIB or MCLIB), we have provided two driver programs which generate the binary file Linkeg either from a binary file called Linktp (TPLIB package) or from a binary file called Linkmc (MCLIB package). The driver programs are contained in source files Since the format of your Linktp or Linkmc file may be slightly different from the one used by egfrtp.f and egfrmc.f, we recommend that you verify the reading statements in egfrtp.f and egfrmc.f before running them.


In order to allow for some flexibility, the Makefile offers several possible targets