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The conference will be held at Tamerza Palace & SPA which is located in Tamerza Oasis (south of Tunisia next to the Sahara desert) about 70 km from Tozeur airport.
More information about the venue can be found in : Tamerza Palace & SPA.

Tamerza Palace & SPA official website

How to get there ?
    1. Flying in:

    2. The easiest way to join Tamerza is to fly (or transit) from Paris (Orly Airport) to Tozeur (Tozeur Airport).
      Tamerza hotel provides a service of transfer (4 to 5 people together) from Tozeur Airport to the hotel. Since this service has to be booked please let us know when you are arriving and departing.
      Concerning the flights, there is usually just one flight per day operated by Tunis Air see: (or or

      As an example, departing from Paris Orly on the 24/Oct/2010 and returning on the 29/Oct/2010
      	Date of departure : Sunday October 24, 2010
      	Departure time : 19h15  Paris  Orly  (France) Terminal S
      	Arrival time : 21h05  Tozeur  Tozeur  (Tunisia) 
      	By Tunisair : 437
      	Duration : 2h50
      	Date of return : Friday, October 29, 2010
      	Departure time : 07h00  Tozeur  Tozeur  (Tunisia) 
      	Arrival time : 10h45  Paris  Orly  (France) Terminal S
      	By Tunisair : 436
      	Duration : 2h45
      If you want to use this way, we recommend that you book your flight as soon as possible as we anticipate that this flight (from Paris to Tozeur) will be in high demand.

    3. The second way to join Tamerza: Flying to Tunis (Carthage Tunis Airport) and then the Tamerza hotel service may be in charge of the transfer from Carthage Tunis Airport to the hotel (in Tamerza). They can transfer up to 4 to 5 persons together. The transfer takes around 6 hours to reach Tamerza and costs around 50 euros per person.
      - There is also the possibility to fly from Tunis to Tozeur (see, but the schedule of the flights is not yet available. We will give an update as soon as the information is available.

    4. You can also choose to fly to Djerba or Monastir and then join Tamerza Palace as like in 1-b).

    5. New - 15th June Transfers by the road:
      For those having a hard time finding a flight to Tozeur airport, or to discover another side of Tunisia

      Transfers can be done by the road from Tunis Carthage Airport to Tamerza Palace & Spa
      	In 4 X 4 vehicle with driver (max 5 people/vehicle) 6 hours : 
      	350 dinars per way (about 185 euros)  - price group
      	In minibus (max 20 people/vehicle) 6h30min : 
      	680 dinars per way (about 360 euros) -price group
      Transfers can be done by the road from Djerba Airport to Tamerza Palace & Spa
      	In 4 X 4 vehicle with driver (max 5 people/vehicle) 6 hours : 
      	350 dinars per way (about 185 euros) - price group
      	In minibus (max 20 people/vehicle) 7h : 
      	825 dinars per way (about 435 euros) - price group
      The road is in excellent condition and the landscapes are beautiful.
      If you need a transfer, please contact Anis Matoussi (Anis.matoussi [at] univ-lemans [.] fr) with your flight details.
      You can find more informations in the How to get there? webpage of the Tamerza Palace Hotel.

  1. Informations about a VISA:
    All participants with the following Nationalities are not required to have a visa to enter Tunisia (only a valid passport): European (EU), Swiss, English (UK), Norwegian (NOR), American (USA), Algerian and Moroccan.
    Participants of Chinese or Georgian nationality need a visa!

    The usual necessary documents to apply for a visa in the Tunisian Embassy of your country of residence are:
    Its very easy to get a visa from the Tunisian Embassy, if you have any problem contact Anis Matoussi as soon as possible.

  2. We will cover the accommodation and meal expenses of all participants during the Workshop as well as the transfer expenses from Tozeur Airport to Tamerza Palace.

  3. The participants accompanied by family members will be charged of the additional cost. The price charged by the hotel will be the same as the group rate. Contact Anis Matoussi to address this matter.
Map of Tunisia
Tamerza marked by the balloon A and the oasis marked by the B

Information about the Tozeur and Tamerza