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  • Chaire "Risques Financiers de la Fondation du Risque"
  • Chaire "Dérivés du Futur de la Fédération Bancaire Française"
  • Chaire "Risque de Crédits de la Fédération Bancaire Française"
  • Chaire "Finance et Développement Durable"
  • Chaire "Les Particuliers Face au Risque financiers de la Fondation du Risque"
  • University of Maine (Le Mans), French Ministry for Research

Project - "Chaire: Risques Financiers Financial Risks" of La Fondation du Risque
Polytechnique        Ecole des Ponts        Societe Generale

The research of this project is mainly done by the teams at École Polytechnique and the École des Ponts ParisTech. Société Générale is a partner of this project. The research follows the guidelines:

  • Improvement of numerical methods used by financial institutions (in particular Monte-Carlo)
  • Develop models with high dimension based in the theory of random matrices
  • Study means of prevention and management of risk by taking into account problems of liquidity in dynamic hedging and volatility
  • Creation of new tools oriented to the thematics of statistical arbitrage, pricing of complex derivatives and credit derivatives

Project - "Chaire Dérivés du Futur"of the

The research of this project isdone by the teams at École Polytechnique. The French Bank Federation is a partner of this project. This project is hosted by the Foundation of the Europlace Institute of Finance. There are two main components in this research project:

  • An up to date research activity on the risk management under market conditions outside the classical paradigm of the Black-Scholes model. The main focus of the team is on market illiquidity, and new financial markets as longevity derivatives and environmental financial instruments
  • An advanced PhD project at the European level is centered around the SMAI European Summer School in Financial Mathematics

Project - "Chaire Finance et Développement Durable"

This project is hosted by the Europlace Institute of Finance and cooperates with the academics at École Polytechnique and the University of Paris-Dauphine. Electricity of France - Research and Development and Calyon are the two industry partners of this project.

The mail goal of the project is to contribute to the production of knowledge and methods allowing to estimate, quantify and manage the risks pressing on the sustainable development. This is achieved by crossing quantitative finance and various fields of the economy - in particular, the economy of the environment and the economy of the energy raw materials. It is a question of integrating these fields completely into the financial workings of the economy, supplying to the shareholders, politicians and economic decision-makers means to express the choices of the society as financial choices.

Project - "Chaire: Les particuliers face aux risques" of


The research of this project is done mainly by the teams at the University of Paris-Dauphine, at ENSAE ParisTech and CEA - Centre d'Études Actuarielles. Groupama is a partner of this project. The project's objectives focus on developing a specific culture of risk management around five guiding lines:

  • Behaviour of individuals and groups in face of risk
  • Decision taking in finance and insurance
  • Asymmetry of information, incentives
  • Pension, savings and life cycle
  • Impact of correlations in pricing and hedging

Project - "Chaire: Risque de Crédit" of the

Created in September 2007 by the French Banking Federation and the Institute Europlace Foundation of Finance, under the scientific direction of Monique Jeanblanc, professor at the University of Evry, the project on credit risk has for main missions the study of the following problems:

  • Modeling of credit events
  • Pricing of credit derivatives
  • Hedging of credit derivatives
  • Credit quality evolution and default dependence
  • Implementation of related numerical methods

University of Maine (Le Mans), French Ministry for Research and "Région Pays de la Loire"


University of Maine (Le Mans), Faculté des Sciences et des Techniques and Laboratoire Manceau de Mathématiques