Massively Parallel Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Suspensions with Geometrically Resolved Particles

Ulrich Ruede (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg and CERFACS, Toulouse)

The Lattice Boltzman Method (LBM) has emerged as an alternative paradigm to simulate fluid flow. It has particular advantages for instationary simulations with changing geometry. The LBM is based on an explicit time stepping algorithm that exhibits good scalability so that it is especially well suited when fine resolutions and large meshes are required. Here we will report on the coupling of the LBM to a Lagrangian simulation model for submersed particles. Even when the geometric shapes of individual particles are resolved, it is possible to model suspensions with a large number of particles. Special attention will be given to the validation of the models and the performance analysis of the parallel execution. The talk will illustrate the potential and the limitations of particle-resolved models of suspensions using the LBM.