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9 and 10 December 2009, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - site Chevaleret

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Vieilles connaissances et jeunes recrues

Wesnesday December 9th: room 1C06
14h30 Jason Schweinsberg (UCSD)
A waiting time problem arising from the study of multi-stage carcinogenesis
16h00 Amandine Veber (U. Paris-Sud)
Spatial Lambda-Fleming-Viot process: genealogies in the presence of recombination
Thursday December 10th: room 0C02
Richard Law (U. York)
Dynamics of biomass in marine ecosystems: scaling up from stochastic predation events to macroscopic structures of ecosystems
Hervé Guiol (IMAG)
Some results around the Bak-Sneppen evolution model
Todd Parsons (U. Penn)
Neutral Networks, Robustness & Evolvability: A Simple Mathematical Approach
Damien Simon (UPMC)
Speed of evolution in some models of population dynamics: the point of view of statistical physics

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