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Last but not Least

LastWave is a signal processing oriented command language.

The 3.0 version is based on the GNU wxWidgets library. It allows LastWave to be truly multiplatform : it runs on both X11/Unix (or Linux of course) , Windows XP SP2 and Macintosh (OS X only) computers.It has been designed to be used by anybody who knows about signal processing and wants to play around with wavelets and wavelet-like techniques.
However, it can be used as a regular scripting language.

It mainly consists in a powerful command line language with matlab-like syntax which includes a high level object-oriented graphic language. It allows to deal with high-level structures such as signals, images, wavelet transforms, extrema representation, short time fourier transform,...
of all these complex structures is interactively controlled using the mouse or keyboard. The way it is controlled is described using the command language. Moreover, LastWave can generate postscript files of anything you draw.

Of course, one can add very easily some new commands in LastWave using either the command language itself or the C-language.
These new commands along with some eventual newly defined graphic objects can be grouped into a LastWave package that can be loaded (at run-time) by the user if needed.The newly defined graphic objects will inherit automatically of the high-level display features of LastWave.

The core of LastWave includes basically the kernel package. It defines all the basic commands of the command line language along with the graphic object-oriented language.

Several other packages have already been added to LastWave allowing high-level signal processing such as wavelet transforms (1D and 2D), extrema representations of wavelet transforms (1D and 2D), fractal analysis, matching pursuit, compression...

To learn about the packages and look at some examples clik here

Enjoy using LastWave!

Emmanuel Bacry
Centre de Mathématiques Appliquees
Ecole Polytechnique 91128 Palaiseau Cedex - France

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