LastWave Package Disp 2.0 Author Description Examples



The disp package is a script package (no C) that implements the disp command. This command is an extremely powerful high-level display command that is constantly used in LastWave. It makes high-level graphics easy and nice! Basically, you use the disp command to display any combination of complex graphic objects (e.g., wavelet transforms, images, signals,....), organizing them in a window the way you want (some could be superposed and others just horizontally or vertically stacked). It lets you specify also specify any field of any of these graphic objects (e.g., the color of a signal, the colormap of an image,...). All the graphic objects are displayed using axis that, by default, are synchronized (when you zoom one object, the other objects using synchronized axis will zoom the same way).


There is no specific examples here. To see what disp can do, you should look at the examples given for the different numerical packages (start by the signal package).