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The misc package is a script package (no C) that regroups miscellenaous commands and mouse behavior. It includes the graphic help system (you can get help on any graphic object by pointing it with the mouse and hitting the h key), the ability to move any graphic object with the mouse, the Text graphic object that lets you create/edit text objects interactively....


Getting help on graphic objects

Pointing any graphic object with the mouse (in our case with pointed the red signal) and hitting a first time the h key pops up a help window that lists all the fields of the graphic object (using the graphic class hierarchy) and their corresponding values:

hitting the h key a second time, displays in the help window a list of all the messages that this graphic object understands (using the msge command)

and hitting it a third time displays a list of all the bindings, i.e., all the interaction (with the mouse of the keyboard) this object knows about: