Postdoctoral researcher

CNRS - Project SOFIA

CMAP - Ecole Polytechnique


Curriculum Vitae: English, French (last updated April 2017)

Research Interests:

  • Calculus of variations, shape optimization
  • Optimal design for additive manufacturing constraints
  • Numerical shape optimization: $\Gamma$-convergence methods, relaxation, Level Set method
  • Shape optimization for eigenvalue problems: Dirichlet Laplace eigenvalues, Steklov/Wentzell Eigenvalues
  • Optimal partitioning problems, multiphase problems
  • Meshless methods: fundamental solutions

Recent results and ongoing work

New preprint: collaboration with D. Bucur, I. Fragala, Phase field approach to optimal packing problems and related Cheeger clusters
New preprint: Efficient algorithm for optimizing spectral partitions, (hq ~14Mb)

Recent or Upcoming talks

Last update: April 2017