Vianney BŒUF


  • I am a currently a phD student at TROPICAL (formerly MAXPLUS), a joint project team of INRIA Saclay and CMAP, located at École polytechnique. Under the supervision of Stéphane Gaubert, my research focuses on the optimization of the emergency response to an emergency call. My work includes a partnership with the Paris Fire Brigade. Marianne Akian, Xavier Allamigeon (INRIA, CMAP) and Stéphane Raclot (Paris Fire Brigade) contribute to the supervision.

  • My research focuses on the performance evaluation of an emergency call center. For the Paris Fire Brigade, my objective is to provide both qualitative behaviors and quantitative properties of the incoming 17-18-112 call center organization, such as optimal throughputs and dimensions. To this purpose, I am interested in the dynamics of timed Petri nets. My research interests hence lie in Petri net theory and simulation, but also in discrete dynamical systems, continuous dynamical systems, hybrid automata, max-plus algebra and Markov decision processes.
    I also work with Philippe Robert at Inria de Paris on a stochastic modeling of the emergency call center mentioned above. This research focuses on scalings of Markov processes.

  • I am a French civil servant, “Ingénieur des ponts, eaux et forêts”. My research is funded by École des ponts ParisTech.

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  • Publications

    • Journal:

      • Stationary solutions of discrete and continuous Petri nets with priorities. Publisher. Arxiv.
        with X.Allamigeon and S.Gaubert.
        Performance Evaluation journal (vol.113), 2017.

    • Conference Proceedings (refereed):

      • Performance evaluation of an emergency call center: tropical polynomial systems applied to timed Petri nets Publisher. Arxiv.
        with X.Allamigeon and S.Gaubert.
        FORMATS 2015, Madrid, Spain, September 2-4, Proceedings pp 10-26, 2015.

      • On-line train shunting
        with F.Meunier.
        Best Paper Award.
        ATMOS 2014, Wrocław, Poland, September 11, Proceedings pp 34-45, 2014.

      • Lagrangian road pricing (pdf)
        with S. Blandin.
        ICORES 2013, Barcelona, Spain, February 16-18, Proceedings, 2013.


    • Conferences:

      • INFORMS APS 2017, Applied Probability Society Conference. Chicago, IL, USA, July 10-12, 2017.
        Slides (pdf)

      • VALUETOOLS 2016, International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools. Taormina, Italy, October 26-28, 2016.

      • ROADEF 2016, congrès annuel de la société Française de Recherche Opérationnelle et d’Aide à la Décision. Compiègne, France, February 10-12, 2016.

      • FORMATS 2015, International Conference on Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems. Madrid, Spain, September 2-4, 2015.

      • ATMOS 2014, Workshop on Algorithmic Approaches for Transportation Modeling, Optimization, and Systems. Wrocław, Poland, September 11, 2014.

      • ICORES 2013, Barcelona, Spain, February 16-18, 2013.

    • Others:



    • I described my work on Petri net models for the Parisian emergency call centers in La Recherche en mathématiques appliquées (French, pdf), pages 16-17. A few thousand copies of this booklet were distributed in French high school classes.


    Vianney Bœuf
    École polytechnique
    9128 Palaiseau Cedex, France

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