Ireland 1

All these photos were taken with Kodak Gold 100.

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Voigtländer Bessa T + Heliar 50mm@f8,1/2000th, Pierre COLLET 2002.
I quite like this image (which is why I put it first ;-).
The sun was above, just in front of me, so I was really concerned about potential flare, as I really felt this scenery could turn up into a great photo if correctly underexposed.
Fortunately, the Heliar behaved really well under such adverse conditions and the result was beyond my expectations.

Voigtländer Bessa T + Heliar 15mm@f11,1/60th, Pierre COLLET 2002.

Taking advantage of the fantasic DOF of the 15mm, on top of Blarney Tower. Note the total absence of distorsion and very slight converging verticals meaning that must not have been perfectly level, probably owing to the fact that I was holding the camera in a wierd position so as to avoid seeing my shadow on the photo.

Voigtländer Bessa T + Heliar 15mm@f8,1/125th, Pierre COLLET 2002.

Another photo that would have been impossible to take without the 15mm. Note the heavy convergence on the gate on the left, and the small tree on the right, as the camera was pointed to the sky. Fortunately: All in all, the photo only looks slighlty wierd. ;-)

Voigtländer Bessa T + Heliar 50mm@f8, 1/60 Pierre COLLET 2002.

A typical photo showing the "Heliar look." The strange thing about it is that it does not appear on all photos taken with the Heliar 50mm, but apparently only under certain lighting conditions.
What is funny is that when "it does not happen" the photos are much colder than similar photos taken with my wife's Minolta with 24-85mm zoom lens, which itself, is somewhat colder than the Yashica T5.
All in all, when comparing similar photos taken with the Heliar and with the Minolta 24-85, it is always straightforward to tell which photos are taken with which camera: either one photo bears this unmistakeable nice warm-greenish look and you know it's the Heliar's, or one photo looks really warm compared to the other and it's the Minolta's.
I need to investigate this further.

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