Ireland 2

All these photos were taken with Kodak Gold 100.

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Voigtländer Bessa T + Heliar 15mm@f11, 1/30th, Pierre COLLET 2002.
My wife tried to take the same tree with the Minolta @24mm. This photo was much nicer thanks to the super-wide angle and immense DOF.

Voigtländer Bessa T + Heliar 50mm@f8, 1/125th Pierre COLLET 2002.

Wonderful landscape with a bit of haze, which helped capture the immensity of the scene, even though it was taken with a 50mm.
I realise as I write this comment that the horizon is really sloping. The sloping line of the foreground must have lured me into sloping the horizon the other direction so a to get a balanced image.
Should I reframe it so that the horizon be more horizontal ???
Does this great tender shade of green come from the "heliar effect" or from the Irish nature ?

Voigtländer Bessa T + Heliar 50mm@f8, 1/125th, Pierre COLLET 2002.

Very light "Heliar touch" in the foreground.

Voigtländer Bessa T + Heliar 50mm@f8, 1/250th, Pierre COLLET 2002.

Here is one of the very cold images that came out from the Heliar. The same photo taken with the Minolta 24-85 is much warmer.

Voigtländer Bessa T + Heliar 50mm@f3.5, 1/1000th, Pierre COLLET 2002.

Jean Louchet with his Minolta CLE and newly acquired Heliar 15mm (note he is using it without the VF).
Nice "bokeh," although I was quite fortunate that the trees were really far behind (DOF at f3.5 is not that narrow).
Focussing and framing at the same time with the Bessa T was slightly tricky but up to now it looks like all my portraits are well focussed.

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