Stéphane Gaïffas


Optimization with tick 

Tick is an open source (BSD3 Licence) statistical learning library for Python 3, with C++11 internals, that has a particular focus on time-oriented data.

It features, among many other things, a comprehensive set of tools for simulation and fitting of Poisson and Hawkes proceses, and a modular optimization toolbox, allowing to combine models, penalizations and solvers.

Several tools for generalized linear models are proposed as well, supporting dense and sparse datasets, and a large set of penalization techniques.

Tick's documentation

If you want to know more about Tick, a detailed documentation is available here

Tick's installation

In order to install tick easily, just type

pip install tick

in your terminal (linux or osx only, windows is not supported… yet)

Tick's repository

If you want to get the latest version, you can git clone the repository, and follow the instructions from the README to install (very easily)

We are more than welcoming contributors for this project ! Enjoy !

Tick's paper

The corresponding paper is the following