The Maxplus toolbox of Scilab

This toolbox has been developed by Michael McGettrick, Guy Cohen, Stéphane Gaubert, and Jean-Pierre Quadrat.

M. McGettrick wrote the initial version, as part of his work within the ALAPEDES project funded by the TMR program of the European Community. A second version which is essentially the distributed one was developed by S. Gaubert and J.-P. Quadrat with the help of G. Cohen. The toobox includes fast numerical methods like a combinatorial Howard algorithm by S. Gaubert. It is currently maintained by J.-P. Quadrat. The integration in Scilab-gtk and ScicosLab is due to Jean-Philippe Chancelier.

The max-plus toolbox of Scilab implements various algorithms (sum, product, Kleene star, residuation, eigenvalues and eigenvectors) for max-plus matrices. It allows one in particular to handle large sparse matrices. It also has an experimental part solving systems of max-plus linear equations and inequations. It is written in C and Fortran. Some functionalities are illustrated in the following tutorial.

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S. Gaubert Updated June 2009