MAX, a (max,+) MAPLE package

MAX: a MAPLE package for the (max,+) algebra

Contact: Stéphane Gaubert

MAX is a MAPLE package implementing

The package is documented in the chapters VIII,IX of my thesis.

The package has been reasonably and widely tested (even by students at \'Ecole des Mines). It suffers two important defaults: (1) the syntax is rather painful due to bad historical choices. (2) the rational MinMax[[gamma,delta]] part could be made faster by using different rational representations.

Avaibility MAX works on Maple V.0--V.2 and (with inelegant syntax changes) on Maple V.3. (Porting it to Maple V.4 is a non-immediate thing, rather than spending time in this, my intention is rather to invest time in developing faster C code). The package is available as is on email demand to me:

but there are some better NEW softwares