Introduction to High-Dimensional Statistics
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Estimation of species relative abundances and habitat preferences using opportunistic data. (with C. Coron, C. Calenge and R. Julliard).

PECOK: a convex optimization approach to variable clustering. (with F. Bunea, M. Royer, N. Verzelen) [arXiv].

Community estimation in G-models via CORD. (with F. Bunea and X. Luo) [arXiv].

A pseudo-RIP for multivariate regression (short note) [pdf file].


Capitalizing on opportunistic data for monitoring relative species abundances. (with C. Calenge, C. Coron and R. Julliard) To appear in Biometrics. [arXiv].

Aggregation of predictors for non stationary sub-linear processes and online adaptive forecasting of time varying autoregressive processes. (with F. Roueff and A. Sanchez-Perez) Annals of Statistics 2015, Vol. 43, No. 6, 2412-2450. [arXiv].

A quantitative framework for investigating risk of deadly collisions between marine wildlife and boats (with Q. Sabatier, J. Martin, et al.) Methods in Ecology and Evolution (2016) Volume 7, Issue 1, pages 42–50.

Hybridization within Saccharomyces Genus Results in Homoeostasis and Phenotypic Novelty in Winemaking Conditions. ( with T. da Silva , W. Albertin , C. Dillmann, M. Bely, S. la Guerche, C. Giraud, S. Huet, D. Sicard, I. Masneuf-Pomarede, D. de Vienne, P. Marullo) PloS ONE 10(5) Open Access

The spatial distribution of Mustelidae in France. (with C. Calenge, J. Chadoeuf, S. Huet, R. Julliard, P. Monestiez, J. Piffady, D. Pinaud, S. Ruette) PLoS ONE 10(3). Open Access

Estimator selection in the Gaussian setting. (with Y. Baraud and S. Huet) Annales de l'IHP (2014), Vol. 50, No. 3, pp. 1092-1119. [Download preprint].

Yeast Proteome Variations Reveal Different Adaptive Responses to Grape Must Fermentation. (with M. Blein-Nicolas, W. Albertin, B. Valot, P. Marullo, D. Sicard, S. Huet, A. Bourgais, C. Dillmann, D. de Vienne, M. Zivy) Mol Biol Evol. 2013 Jun;30(6):1368-83. [link]

Delimiting synchronous populations from monitoring data. (with R. Julliard and E. Porcher) Environmental and Ecological Statistics Vol. 20 (2013), no 3, pp. 337--352. [pdf] .

Including shared peptides for estimating protein abundances: a significant improvement for quantitative proteomics. (with M. Blein-Nicolas, H. Xu, D. De Vienne, S. Huet, M. Zivy) Proteomics. (2012) Sep;12(18), pp. 2797--801 [link]

High-dimensional regression with unknown variance (with S. Huet and N. Verzelen) Statist. Sci. Volume 27, Number 4 (2012), 500--518. [pdf file] et [Slides].

Discussion of "Latent variable graphical model selection via convex optimization" (with A. Tsybakov) Annals of Statistics (2012), v.40, 1984-1988. [pdf file].

Graph selection with GGMselect. (with S. Huet and N. Verzelen) Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology. Vol. 11 (2012), no3, 1--50. download preprint and the R package GGMselect.

Detecting long distance conditional correlations between anatomical regions using Gaussian Graphical Models (with S. Allassonniere and P. Jolivet) Proceeding of MFCA (2011), Toronto, 111--122 [pdf file].

Low rank multivariate regression. Electronic Journal of Statistics, Vol. 5 (2011), 775--799. Article (open access), and Download KF R-code.

Gaussian model selection with unknown variance. (avec Y. Baraud et S. Huet) Annals of Statistics, Vol. 37 (2009), no2, 630--672. download article, full paper et Slides

Mixing Least-square estimators when the variance is unknown. Bernoulli 14, no.4 (2008) 1089--1107. [Download] / Slides

Estimation of Gaussian graph by model selection. Electronic Journal of Statistics, Vol. 2 (2008), 542--563. Article (open access) and Slides

Gravitational clustering and additive coalescence. Stoch. Proc. Appl. 115 (2005), no. 8, 1302--1322 (download preprint)

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Clustering in a self-gravitating one-dimensional gas at zero temperature. J. Statist. Phys. 105 (2001), no. 3-4, 585--604 (download preprint)

Statistics of a flux in Burgers turbulence with one-sided Brownian initial data. (En collaboration avec J. Bertoin et Y. Isozaki) Comm. Math. Phys. 224 (2001), no. 2, 551--564 (download preprint)

Genealogy of shocks in Burgers turbulence with white noise initial velocity. Comm. Math. Phys. 223 (2001), no. 1, 67--86 (download preprint)

Turbulence de Burgers et agrégation de particules lorsque l'état initial est aléatoire.: thèse de doctorat (Ph D Thesis)


LINselect. package for R 3.0. Link on the CRAN.

KF. R-code (with notice) for multivariate regression Download KF R-code.

GGMselect. package for R 3.0. Download GGMselect .

An introduction to GGMselect. Download GGMselect user guide.

AllP. Analyses of LC-MS data with R and Jags. Website

Lecture Notes

Fondements mathématiques de l'apprentissage statistique. Journées mathématiques X-UPS 2012. Editions de l'Ecole Polytechnique [pdf file]

Stochastic Calculus [pdf file]

Martingales pour la finance. Livre pédagogique, preprint [pdf file]


C. Calenge, M. Albaret, F. Léger, J.-M. Vandel, J. Chadoeuf, C. Giraud, S. Huet, R. Julliard, P. Monestiez, J. Piffady, D. Pinaud, and S. Ruette. Premieres cartes d'abondance relative de six mustélidés en france . modélisation des données collectées dans les « carnets de bord petits carnivores » de l'ONCFS. Faune Sauvage, (130): 17, 2016.

Mathématiques pour la planète terre. Ouvrage collectif. Nouveau Monde Edition, 2014.

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