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Joseba Dalmau

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Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées
École Polytechnique
Route de Saclay
91128 Palaiseau Cedex - FRANCE

Office: 412 29
Telephone: +33 1 69 33 46 44

Since december 2016, I am a post-doc working in the team PEIPS, and I'm funded by the Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard.
I did my Phd thesis under the supervision of Raphaël Cerf.
My work so far has focused on exploring and studying different stochastic versions of Eigen's quasispecies model.


A Markov chain representation of the Perron--Frobenius eigenvector (with R. Cerf). Electronic Communications in Probability 22: paper no. 52, 2017.
Convergence of a Moran model to Eigen's quasispecies model. Journal of Theoretical Biology 420(7):36-40, 2017.
Quasispecies on class-dependent fitness landscapes (with R. Cerf). Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 78(6):1238-1258, 2016.
The distribution of the quasispecies for a Galton-Watson process on the sharp peak landscape. Journal of Applied Probability 53(2):606-613, 2016.
The distribution of the quasispecies for a Moran model on the sharp peak landscape (with R. Cerf). Stochastic Processes and Applications 126(6):1681-1709, 2016.
The distribution of the quasispecies for the Wright-Fisher model on the sharp peak landscape. Stochastic Processes and Applications 125(1):272-293, 2015.


Asymptotic behavior of Eigen's quasispecies model. Submitted.
The quasispecies distribution (review paper) (with R. Cerf).
The quasispecies for the Wright--Fisher model (with R. Cerf). Submitted.
The Wright--Fisher model for class--dependent fitness landscapes. Submitted.
A probabilistic proof of Perron's theorem (with R. Cerf). Submitted.

Works in progress:

The distribution of the quasispecies for the Moran model on a class-dependent fitness landscape.
The quasispecies equation (book project with R. Cerf).

Phd thesis (in french):

La distribution de la quasi-espèce pour une population finie.