Instructor: Igor Kortchemski.
Tutorial Assistants: Luca Calatroni, Mathieu Kohli, Benoit Tran.

Discrete Mathematics MAA 103 (Year 1) has two main objectives: (i) teach fundamental concepts in discrete mathematics, which are the building blocks of many different areas of science and of advanced mathematics (ii) teach how to write proofs. The course starts with elementary logic (e.g. quantifiers, different methods of proof), sets, and functions. The second part of the course introduces students to combinatorics and probability (on finite sets).

The lectures will closely follow the textbook Mathematics: A Discrete Introduction (3rd Edition) by Scheinerman. For a different presentation and broader applications concerning computer science, one may have a look at Discrete Mathematics with Applications by Epp.

Tutorial sheets and homework assignments

Each tutorial sheet contains homework assignments, which have to be handed the next week to your TA (tutorial assistant). You ARE are allowed and encouraged to discuss the homework problems with other students. However, all written solutions must be individually submitted and must not be copied from somewhere else. A solution that is blatantly copied from another source will receive zero credit.

The goal of the homework assignments is to train you to write proofs on your own. The corrections of your TA are there to show you how you can improve, and the marks are there to help you see to what extent your work meets the requirement of the course.

Do not hesitate to send me an email if you spot an error somewhere.

Midterm exam 2017-2018: exercises - solutions.
Final exam 2017-2018: exercises - solutions.


Past weeks (the numbering refers to sections in the textbook Mathematics: A Discrete Introduction by Scheinerman):

Organization and grading