Erwan Le Pennec

Research theme

This page presents the main communications for each of my research theme. You can find a complete list by clicking in the menu or on the name of the theme.

For a list of only "official" publications (articles, proceedings and patents), please consult the page Publication List.

Conditional density, extensions of Gaussian mixture and unsupervised classification by spatialized Gaussian mixtures

joint work with S. Cohen , L. Montuelle and E. Derman

PAC-Bayesian aggregation and NL-Means

joint work with J. Salmon and L. Montuelle

Needlets and Applications

joint work with E. Gautier, G. Kerkyacharian and D. Picard

$\ell_1$ penalization

joint work with K. Bertin and V. Rivoirard


joint work with K. Tribouley and F. Autin

Maxiset and Model Selection

joint work with F. Autin, J.-M. Loubes and V. Rivoirard


joint work with Ch. Dossal, S. Mallat and G. Peyré