April 2014

Dan and Jonathan finding sweet postdoc opportunities

Dan got selected to pursue as a Darwin fellow at the University of Massachusetts, and Jonathan will pursue as a postdoc in Nicolas Salamin's group in Lausanne. Well done guys!


March 2014

Deep time adaptive radiation

Dan has a nice Primer coming out in PloS Biology on deep time adaptive radiations. Congrats Dan!


Seasonal dispersal and bird diversification

Jonathan's paper on the effect of seasonal migration on bird diversification is accepted at PRSB. Congrats Jonathan!


CESAB working group

Jonathan, Fabien and Hélène participate in the fourth ISLANDS working group, coordinated by Christophe Thébaud.


SMILE video

Check out this cool video featuring the SMILE group, lead by Amaury Lambert.


February 2014

Moen & Morlon TREE paper in press

Our paper on biological explanations for diversification slowdowns is in press in TREE. Congrats Dan!


January 2014

Phylogenetic Approaches for studying diversification

Hélène's review of phylogenetic approaches for studying diversification is now available on Eco Lett website.


Moving to the ENS

We just moved to the Institute of Biology at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris.


International Biogeography Society

Hélène presents work from the group at the International Biogeography Society in Canberra.


December 2013

ERC grant funded

Hélène's proposal to the European Research Council has been selected for funding. Several postdoc research positions are going to be available through this grant. Contact Hélène if you are interested in joining the group!


Rolland et al. latitudinal diversity gradient paper in press

Our paper on the mammalian latitudinal diversity gradient, first-authored by Jonathan, is accepted at PloS Biology. Congrats Jo!


Fabien's Marie Curie proposal accepted

Fabien got awarded a prestigious International Outgoing Marie-Curie Fellowship. Congrats Fab!


November 2013

Lab members presenting their research

This month, research from our research group was presented by group members in Toulouse, the Museum of Natural History and the Institute Henri Poincaré.


Statistical Ecology

The french research network on Statistical Ecology coordinated by Olivier Gimenez receives support from the CNRS. Hélène coordinates the 'phylogeny' part of this network with Emmanuel Paradis.


October 2013

Irena Simova in Paris

Irena will be with us for two weeks, working on a cool project linking genome size and diversification in plants.


September 2013

France Berkeley Fund meeting

Charles Marshall, Tiago Quental and Hélène organize a workshop sponsored by the France Berkeley Fund on "Long term diversity dynamics: integrating molecular phylogenies and the fossil record". The workshop will be held Sept 23-25 and is open, so if you can make it to Berkeley, don't hesitate to join us!


Post-meeting news: check this cool post by Tracy Heath. Glad you enjoyed the workshop Tracy!


Luna and Jana in Paris

PhD students Luna Sanchez Reyes from Mexico and Jana Smrčková from the University of South Bohemia joined the lab for small internships. Welcome girls!


August 2013

IBS representative for France

David Nogues-Bravo kindly invited Hélène to be the IBS representative for France. Biogeographers working in France, if you would like to communicate your opinion and thoughts about the biogeographic research and the community of biogeographers in France, or how to make Biogeography a more prominent discipline in France, this would be most useful! Hélène will attend the IBS early career conference to be held in Canberra in January 2014.


July 2013

Jessica Green in Paris

Jessica just arrived. She will spend her sabbatical here (a full year!), sponsored by the prestigious Blaise Pascal fellowship.


CESAB working group

Fabien and Hélène participated in the third ISLANDS working group, coordinated by Christophe Thébaud.


June 2013

John Wiens visiting

John Wiens visited during a week to work with Dan, his former PhD student who is currently postdoc in the lab.


Vicky in Paris

Victoria Culshaw joined the lab for a short internship. She will be here until the end of August.


May 2013

Dan and Fabien presenting their work

Postdocs Dan Moen and Fabien Condamine present their work in Sevilla and at the MNHN.


Hannah in Paris

Chateaubriand fellow Hannah Salim arrived in Paris for her first visit. Awesome!


April 2013

Touring the US

Hélène gives a quantitative biology colloqium seminar at the University of Arizona and an iBEST seminar at the University of Idaho.


Jess Green Guggenheim Fellow

Jess Green was named a Guggenheim Fellow for her visit in Paris. Looking forward to your visit, Jess!


NEScent catalysis meeting

Hélène participates in a catalysis meeting on integrating phylogenies & fossils organized by Sam Price, Graham Slater and Lars Schmitz. A lot of cool people and discussions there!


Lucile joins the Lab

Lucile Morelle joins the Lab. She is co-advised by Amandine Véber. Welcome Lucile!


CNRS brainstorming days in Oléron

Hélène animates a session on modeling during these days at the crossroad between Ecology, Economy and Law organized by the interdisciplinary section of the CNRS.


March 2013

Pierre-Henri Fabre’s Marie-Curie Fellowship granted

Pierre-Henri’s proposal on adaptive and non-adaptive radiations has been accepted for an IOF postodc between Jonathan Losos’s Lab at Harvard and my Lab. Congrats!


Dan’s CEBA proposal granted

Dan’s proposal with Elodie Courtois and Anthony Herrel on phenotypic variation, morphology and performance in frogs has been granted. Congrats!


Hannah joigning the Lab

Hannah got awarded a prestigious Chateaubriand fellowship to visit the Lab. She will be in Paris until July. Welcome Hannah!


January-February 2013

CESAB working group

Fabien participated in the second ISLANDS working group, coordinated by Christophe Thébaud.


Visiting the University of Sao Paulo

Hélène, Fabien and Jonathan visit Tiago Quental at USP as part of the Chaire francaise dans l’état de Sao Paulo program. Hélène gives a seminar at the Southern Summer School in Mathematical Biology. Hélène presents research from her group at the departmental seminar.


CNRS committee

Hélène joins the CNRS interdisciplinary committee, section 51.


December 2012

Condamine et al. macreoevolution & environmental change paper published

Our paper is now in press at Ecology Letters. Congrats Fabien!



Erick Matsen kindly invited Hélène to give a Phyloseminar. Thank you Erick for this great initiative, all phyloseminars are recorded and can be seen here.



Frederic Austerlitz kindly invited Hélène to give a Evolmol seminar. Thanks Frederic.


November 2012

Talk at the University of Lausanne

Nicolas Salamin kindly invited Hélène to give the Departmental Seminar. Very good visit, thank you Nicolas!


Jessica Green visiting

It was so nice to have Jess around for a week. Looking forward to her sabbatical next year!


CNRS Thematic School in Vietnam

Hélène is just coming back from the Do-Son Thematic School, Vietnam, organized by Martine Hossaert-McKey and Pierre-Michel Forget. What a great experience! Thanks Martine and PM for inviting me!


October 2012

PhyloSmile workshop

Don’t miss the PhyloSmile workshop on Phylogenetic approaches to diversification, co-organized by Hélène and Amaury Lambert. Elisabeth, Fabien and Jonathan will be presenting their work there.


National Institute for Ecology and the Environment

Hélène will act as a “resource” person (whatever that means...) during these “prospective days“ (dito) in Avignon.


Statistical Methods for Post Genomic Data

Hélène joined the scientific committee of SMPGD.


September 2012

Science Perspective

Check out this Science Perspective paper about microbial coexistence and cooperation.


All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory

Regis Ferriere kindly invited Hélène to participate and present at the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory working group.


CESAB working group

Fabien and Hélène participated in the first ISLANDS working group, coordinated by Christophe Thébaud.


August 2012

Joining the Editorial Board of Ecology Letters

Marcel Holyoak kindly invited me to join the Editorial Board of Ecology Letters. Wish me luck!


July 2012

Evolution meeting

All of you who were there know it was a great meeting.


June 2012

Chateaubriand fellowship

Hannah Salim got awarded a prestigious Chateaubriand fellowship to visit the lab. Hannah is a PhD student at UC Berkeley in Matthew Potts’ group. Congratulations Hannah, and welcome!


France-Berkeley fund granted

Our France-Berkeley project with Charles Marshall has been selected for funding .


Ecology Letters conference

Mike Hochberg and Marcel Holyoak kindly invited me to present research from the lab at the Ecology Letters conference on ecological effects of environmental change, to be held in Paris on June 22nd.


Phylogenies in Lille

Celine Poux kindly invited me to present at the ”Phylogeny Day”, to be held in Lille on June 18th.


Biodiversity and Bioinformatics

Laurent Duret and Michael Blum kindly invited me to give a talk at the Biodiversity and Bioinformatics 2012 conference, to be held in Lyon on June 8th.


May 2012

Statistics for Systems Biology

Mahendra Mariadassou kindly invited me to give a talk at the Statistics for Systems Biology seminar series.


April 2012

Fabien and Jonathan present their research

Fabien presented his research at the ESE in Orsay and the LECA in Grenoble. Jonathan presented his research at the MNHN in Paris.


Center for Biodiversity and Climate

Susanne Fritz and Daniele Silvestro kindly invited me to give a talk at the Center for Biodiversity and Climate in Frankfurt.


March 2012

Franco-Brazilian application granted

My application to the Franco-Brazilian collaboration program with Tiago Quental has been granted. Members of the Lab will be visiting Tiago in Sao Paulo for 2 months!


Three students working on their master program

Yacine Ben Chehida, Prince Peprah Osei and Elisabeth Reyes started their master internship this month. Welcome and good luck!


February 2012

Explosive radiation in bacteria

Our paper on diversification patterns in Borrelia burgdorferi is now available at Evolution.


Cologne Spring Meeting

Michael Lassig kindly invited me to give a talk at the 2012 Cologne Spring Meeting on Molecular Ecology and Evolution.


Fabien Condamine joined the Lab

Postdoctoral researcher Fabien Condamine joined the Lab. He is funded by my ANR-CHEX project. Welcome Fabien!


January 2012

CESAB project granted

Our project “Community Assembly on Remote Islands: Does the Equilibrium Theory Apply?” coordinated by Christophe Thébaud has been selected by the FRB. Should be fun!


Ecology and Genomics

I am monitoring a session entitled “Ecology and Genomics” at the Statistical Methods for Post Genomic Data symposium, to be held in Lyon on January 26-27.


December 2011

Phylogenies and Conservation

Jonathan’s report of our session at the EEF meeting is now available at Biology Letters.


Selection in Population Genetics

I will participate in the workshop Selection in Population Genetics, organized by Aleksandra Walcsak and Michael Desai, to be held in Paris on Dec 6-7.


November 2011

National Academies Keck Futures Initiative

I will participate in the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative on Ecosystem Services, to be held in UC Irvine on Nov 10-13.


Mathematics for Life Sciences

The University of Paris-Sud, the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole Normale Supérieure launch a new master program, entitled Mathematics for Life Sciences. I will teach classes in this master program.


Center for Mathematics and Informatics

Etienne Pardoux kindly invited me to give a talk at the Mathematics, Evolution and Genome seminar series in Marseille.


October 2011

Reconciling molecular phylogenies with the fossil record

My paper with Todd Parsons and Joshua Plotkin is now available at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. This paper was featured by Science Daily and the CNRS. Read also this commentary by Tanja Stadler.


Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate

Pierre-Henri Fabre kindly invited me to give a talk at the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate at the University of Copenhagen.


September 2011

Evolutionary History and Conservation Biology at EEF

Franck Jabot and myself are organizing a symposium entitled "Evolutionary history, ecosystem function, and conservation biology: new perspectives" at the european ecological meeting, to be held in Avila on September 25-29. This symposium is co-sponsored by the French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB) and the French Ecological Society (SFE). PhD student Jonathan Rolland will be there too!


Jonathan Rolland joined the Lab

PhD student Jonathan Rolland joined the Lab. Welcome Jonathan!


August 2011

ANR project granted; postdoctoral position available

The French National Research Agency (ANR, programme Chaire d'Excellence) selected my project ECOEVOBIO "ECOlogical and EVOlutionary determinants of BIOdiversity: integrating biogeography, functional ecology, and macroevolution" for funding. A postdoctoral position associated with this project is available!


Joining the Editorial Board of Systematic Biology

Luke Harmon got me there (thanks Luke!). He suggested it could be a fun experience...


Phylogenetics and Ecological Networks at ESA

Neo Martinez presented our research entitled "Phylogenetic tools elucidate effects of trophic interactions on community assembly" at the ESA Organized Oral Session "Evolutionary Processes in Ecological Networks" organized by Jennifer Dunne, held in Austin on August 10th.


Summer school in French-Guyana

Just coming back from a summer school for the students from the EcoSciences program at the Ecole Polytechnique. This summer school, organized by Jérôme Chave, was held in the Nouragues research station situated in the middle of the tropical forest in French Guyana. It was a wonderful experience!


July 2011

Talk at Ecobio in Rennes

Andreas Prinzing kindly invited me to give a talk at the University of Rennes.


May 2011

Workshops in Montpellier and Agay

The same month, I participated in two workshops, one organized by ecologists Nicolas Mouquet and Wilfried Thuiller, and the other one organized by applied mathematicians Nicolas Champagnat and Sylvie Méléard. I also gave talks at the ISEM in Montpellier, and at the Ecology, Systematic and Evolution Department at Orsay.


April 2011

Videos & paper available

Videos of the CEE symposium entitled “Integrating ecology into macroevolutionary research” held last March in London are now available online. A meeting report is also available in Biology Letters.

I also gave my talk at the Museum of Natural History in Paris. Here are the slides.


March 2011

CEE symposium

I will be presenting at the Center for Ecology & Evolution symposium organized by Lynsey McInnes and Albert Phillimore to take place in London on March 9th.


February 2011

Codes available

Codes associated with various papers are now available. Check the Resources section of this website.


January 2011

Spatial patterns of phylogenetic diversity

Our paper is Open Access at Ecology Letters. This paper was featured by the NSF.


December 2010

Linking past and present on oceanic islands

I will be participating in the workshop “Diversity dynamics on oceanic islands: linking past and present” organized by Rosemary Gillepsie, to take place in Berkeley on 8-10 December.


October 2010

Royal Society Meeting

I will be participating in the Royal Society workshop “Biological diversity in a changing world” organized by Anne Magurran and Maria Dornelas, to take place at the Kavli Institute on 25-26 October and in London on 27-28 October.


October 2010

CNRS thematic school in French Guyana

I will be presenting at the CNRS thematic school on Biodiversity organized by Jérôme Chave, to take place in Kourou on 04-08 October.


October 2010

Joining the CNRS

I will officially start my research position with the french National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). I will be based at the Center for Applied Mathematics at the Ecole Polytechnique, Paris.


September 2010

Inferring diversity dynamics

My paper with Joshua Plotkin and Matthew Potts is freely available online at PloS Biology. This paper has been evaluated as “Must Read” by Katia Koelle on Faculty of 1000, and featured in Science Daily.