Surface Compression with
Geometric Bandelets

Gabriel Peyré         Stéphane Mallat


In the wavelet domain,
moving from 2D to 1D using
a reordering of the sampling points.

Abstract: This paper describes the construction of second generation bandelet orthogonal bases and their application to 3D geometry compression. The new coding scheme is orthogonal and the corresponding basis functions are regular. Surfaces are decomposed in a bandelet basis with a fast bandeletization algorithm that removes the geometric redundancy of orthogonal wavelet coefficients. The resulting transform coding scheme has an error decay that is asymptotically optimal for geometrically regular surfaces. We use these bandelet bases to perform geometry image and normal map compression. Numerical tests show that for such complex surfaces, bandelets bring an improvement of 1.5dB to 2dB. This illustrates the importance of integrating geometric harmonic analysis approaches in surface processing.

  Surface Compression With Geometric Bandelets [PDF]. Slides [PPT], Slides FFWD [PPT].
Gabriel Peyré and Stéphane Mallat,
Proceedings of SIGGRAPH'05.
  Discrete Bandelets with Geometric Orthogonal Filters [PDF].
Gabriel Peyré and Stéphane Mallat,
Proceedings of ICIP'05.

Bandelets Toolbox .
Gabriel Peyré
Available on Matlab Central.


A Matlab Tour of Second Generation Bandelets [PDF].
Gabriel Peyré
The compagnion paper of the toolbox.