CNRS-Royal society project CODYN

The CNRS-Royal society project CODYN is an exchange project funded by the CNRS and the Royal society. This project started on January 2014, and will run until December 2015. It gathers researchers from the Imperial College (London), and the CNRS, interested in collective motion models:


This project is devoted to the study of swarming models, which describe the evolution of a group of interacting animals, where self-organisation appears despite the absence of a leader. The understanding of the underlying mechanism of those social behaviours however remain poorly understood. Over the last decade, various mathematical models have been proposed to model swarming. Just as the biological phenomena that they should describe, those models present a surprising diversity of dynamics, leading to a rich variety of mathematical questions. Our goal in this project is to investigate four challenging mathematical problems that are key steps towards the understanding of swarming phenomena.