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Conferences organization

11th European Summer School in Financial Mathematics, Paris, August 2018.

3rd Young Researchers Meeting in Probability, Numerics and Finance, Le Mans, June-July 2016.

Young Researchers Summer School, La Charité Sur Loire, September 14th-18th 2015.

Workshop on new advances in Malliavin calculus, SPDEs, BSDEs and application to finance, Toulouse March 5th-6th 2015.


June 2015 : Methods of Mathematical Finance, a conference in honor of Steve Shreve’s 65th birthday, CMU Pittsburgh.

July 2014 : 2nd young researchers meeting on BSDEs, Bordeaux.

June 2014 :7th International Symposium on Backward Stochastic Differential Equations, Weihai, China.

June 2014 : 8th Bachelier World Congress, Brussels.

May 2014 : Journées de probabilités, Marseille.

January 2014 : 8th Bachelier Colloquium on Stochastic Calculus and Mathematical Finance, Métabief.

January 2014 : 9th international meeting on "Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Applications", Trento.


April 2014 : Groupe de travail des jeunes chercheurs du CEREMADE, Paris Dauphine.

March 2014 : Groupe de travail des thésards et des jeunes docteurs, Paris 5.

March 2014 : Groupe de travail des thésards du LPMA, Paris 6-7.

November 2013 : Workshop in Finance and Stochastics, Barcelona.