Super-Resolution with Sparse Mixing Estimators


St└phane Mallat and Guoshen Yu




We introduce a class of inverse problem estimators computed by mixing adaptively a family of linear estimators corresponding to different priors. Sparse mixing weights are calculated over blocks of coefficients in a frame providing a sparse signal representation. They minimize an l1 norm taking into account the signal regularity in each block. Adaptive directional image interpolations are computed over a wavelet frame with an O(N logN) algorithm.




Super-resolution, interpolation, image zooming, mixing estimators, sparse representation, structured sparsity, Tikhonov regularization.





Download Matlab code.  Unzip the package and see readme for details.





Images used in the numerical experiments:





Methods under comparison:

  • SME (the proposed Sparse Mixing Estimation) [1]

  • Bicubic interpolation

  • NEDI (New edge directed interpolation) [2]

  • DFDF (Directional filtering and data fusion) [3]

  • Curvelet [4]

  • Contourlet [5]

  • SAI (Soft-decision Adaptive Interpolation) [6]

PSNR comparison (in dB)




The PSNRs are computed over the whole images shown above.



Zoomed illustration I




The PSNRs are computed over the zoomed areas.



Zoomed illustration II



The PSNRs are computed over the zoomed areas.





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