Zoltán Szabó: Occasionally I help organizing external seminars (see also Stress Test-related seminars). Recent guests:

Lilian Besson. State of the art of Multi-Player Bandits: Theory, Applications and Simulations. [abstract, slides; Oct 31, 2018]
Subhadeep Mukhopadhyay. Bayesian Modeling via Goodness-of-fit: An Interactive Bayesian Framework That Embraces Both Data and Science. [abstract, slides; June 19, 2018]
Martin Wainwright. When to stop? A generalized analysis with localized complexities. [abstract, slides (not made available - speaker's request), June 5, 2018]
Claire Monteleoni. Algorithms for Climate Informatics: Learning from spatiotemporal data with both spatial and temporal non-stationarity. [abstract, slides; Apr. 10, 2018]
Alessandro Rudi. FALKON: An Optimal Large Scale Kernel Method. [abstract, slides; Mar. 6, 2018]
Marco Cuturi. Generative Models and Optimal Transport. [slides; Jan. 23, 2018]
Bharath K. Sriperumbudur [July 3-7, 2017]:
Barnabás Póczos:
Florence d'Alché-Buc. Operator-valued Kernel Regression. [abstract; June 21, 2017]
Romain Brault. Random Fourier Features for Operator-valued kernels. [abstract, slides; June 21, 2017]
Kirthevasan Kandasamy. Bandit Optimisation with Approximations. [abstract, slides; Apr. 27, 2017]
David Lopez-Paz. Discovering causation in data. [abstract, slides; Apr. 11, 2017]
Ming Yuan. Low Rank Tensor Completion. [abstract; Mar. 29, 2017]
Lorenzo Rosasco. A Regularization View on Stochastic Gradient Methods. [abstract, slides; Jan. 31, 2017]