Zoltán Szabó: machine learning journal club @ CMAP (co-organizers: Erwan Scornet, Alain Virouleau).

Date Presenter Title Paper Slides
Apr. 26 Geneviève Robin
Apr. 19 Jing-Rebecca Li
Apr. 12 Julie Josse
Apr. 5 Maryan Morel
Mar. 29 Sarah Kaakai
Mar. 22 Matthieu Lerasle
Mar. 15 Cédric Rommel
Mar. 8 Belhal Karimi A Universal Catalyst for First-Order Optimization paper
Feb. 22 Manon Michel Understanding deep learning requires rethinking generalization paper

Date Presenter Title Paper Slides
Nov. 23 Alain Virouleau Online rules for control of False Discovery Rate and False Discovery Exceedance link slides
Nov. 16 Othmane Mounjid Rainbow: Combining Improvements in Deep Reinforcement Learning link
Nov. 9 Kaitong Hu Solving Imperfect Information Games Using Decomposition. Regret Minimization in Games with Incomplete Information link-1, link-2 slides
Oct. 26 Martin Royer Adaptive Clustering through Semidefinite Programming (NIPS preview) link slides
Oct. 19 Gaspar Massiot Influence Function and Robust Variant of Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis link
Oct. 12 Rémi Besson Failures of Gradient-Based Deep Learning link-1, link-2 (authors') slides
Oct. 5 Elodie Vernet Uncertainty Quantification for the Horseshoe link
Sept. 28 Wei Jiang The Stochastic Topic Block Model for the Clustering of Vertices in Networks with Textual Edges link-1, link-2 (arXiv) slides
Sept. 21 Marcos Carreira Discovering Latent Network Structure in Point Process Data link slides
July 6 Bharath Sriperumbudur (external seminar) Statistical Consistency of Kernel PCA with Random Features link slides
June 29 Frédéric Loge Munerel The statistical performance of collaborative inference link
June 22 Barnabás Póczos (external seminar) Density Functional Estimation slides
June 8 Martin Bompaire (on LinkedIn, ResearchGate) ASAGA: Asynchronous Parallel SAGA main, supplement
June 1 Wei Jiang Post-selection inference for l1-penalized likelihood models link-1, link-2 (arXiv) handout
May 23 Gustaw Matulewicz Lasso, fractional norm and structured sparse estimation using a Hadamard product parametrization. link handout
May 18 Massil Achab (on LinkedIn, ResearchGate) Operator Variational Inference link handout
May 11 David Barrera Online Learning with Markov Sampling. link handout
May 4 Zoltán Szabó Examples are not enough, learn to criticize! Criticism for Interpretability link slides
Apr. 27 Kirthevasan Kandasamy (external seminar) Bandit Optimisation with Approximations link1, link2, link3 slides
Apr. 13 Nicolas Brosse Fast Mixing Markov Chains for Strongly Rayleigh Measures, DPPs, and Constrained Sampling link handout
Apr. 6 Joon Kwon Proximal Stochastic Methods for Nonsmooth Nonconvex Finite-Sum Optimization link
Mar. 23 Alain Virouleau Panning for gold: Model-free knockoffs for High-dimensional controlled variable selection link
Mar. 16 Jaouad Mourtada Second-Order Quantile Methods for Experts and Combinatorial Games link handout
Mar. 9 Geneviève Robin Random matrix theory in statistics: A review link handout
Mar. 2 Joon Kwon An Ultimate Unification of Gradient and Mirror Descent (aka "Nesterov's acceleration: the simplest proof ever") link handout
Feb. 23 Cédric Rommel A Consistent Regularization Approach for Structured Prediction link slides
Feb. 16 Belhal Karimi Consistent Kernel Mean Estimation for Functions of Random Variables link slides