Derivatives of the Future 

This Chair is held at the Applied Mathematics Department, Ecole Polytechnique, and is sponsored by the French Federation of Banks. There are two main components in this research project:  LES DERIVES DU FUTUR

- An up to date research activity on the risk management under market conditions outside the classical paradigm of the Black-Scholes model. The main focus of our team is on market illiquidity, and new financial markets as longevity derivatives and environemental financial instruments.

- An advanced PhD project at the European level centered around the SMAI European Summer School in Financial Mathematics.


Our weekly working group: Stochastic Methods in Finance, Ecole Polytechnique.

16 March 2010, 9am-1pm: Hedging Illiquidity Risk, joint organization with the Chair FBF-EDHEC. Location: FBF, 18 rue La Fayette 75009 Paris.

Special Semester on Longevity Risk, starting on February 2011. Location: Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris.

Scientific Publications:

Published or Forthcoming Papers:

R. Aid, L. Campi, A. Nguyen Huu, N. Touzi (2009). A Structural Risk Neutral Model of Electricity Prices, To appear in International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance.
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  policies in illiquid markets. To appear in Finance and Stochastics.
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Theoretic and Applied Finance, special issue on the occasion of the 2008
X-Columbia conference in Paris.
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P. Tankov, E.Voltchkova (2009). Jump-diffusion models: a practitioner's guide , To appear in Banque et Marchés.

Working Papers:

R. Aid, O. Féron, N. Touzi, C. Vialas (2009). An arbitrage-free interest rate model consistent with economic constraints for long-term asset liability management.

E. Bacry, A.Gloter, M.Hoffmann, J.F.Muzy (2009). Estimation of the multifractal spectrum in a mixed asymptotic framework.

P. Barrieu, H. Bensusan, N. El Karoui, C. Hillairet, S. Loisel, C. Ravanelli, Y. Salhi  (2009). Understanding, Modeling and Managing Longevity Risk : Key issues and Main Challenges.

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A.Benabid, H.Bensusan, N. El Karoui (2009). Short term Smile in general Whishart Stochatic Volatility Model.

B. Bouchard, N. Touzi (2009). Weak dynamic programming principle for viscosity solutions. 

M. Broden,  P. Tankov (2009). Errors from discrete hedging in exponential Levy models: the L2 approach.

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regions with partially identified models.

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Application to financial time-series.

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C.Y. Robert, M. Rosenbaum (2009).  A new approach for the dynamics of ultra high frequency data: the
model with uncertainty zones.

P. Tankov (2009). Pricing and hedging in exponential Levy models: review of recent results .


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