Quasilinear equations, inverse problems and their applications
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny
30 Nov. 2015 - 2 Dec. 2015

General information

Conference handbook and proceedings (.pdf)

The conference is devoted to modern mathematical methods of analysis of wave propagation and non-destructive testing.

Related mathematical problems arise within different tomographies (acoustic tomography, tomographies using elementary particles, electro-magnetic tomographies), in analysis of Schumpeter dynamics in economic growth models, in analysis of wave motion, in general, and analysis of shock wave dynamics, in particular.

In the framework of the conference the current state of the theory of quasi-linear equations and inverse problems will be discussed , as well as possible applications in medicine, geophysics, nano-physics, modeling of economic dynamics and traffic flows, and in physics of dispersive mediums.

This conference is supported by:

International program committee

A. A. Shananin(chair)MIPT, Russia
G. M. Henkin(co-chair)Université Paris VI, France
S. I. Kabanikhin(co-chair)ICM&MG SB RAS, Russia
R. G. Novikov(co-chair)Ecole Polytechnique, France
P. B. KurasovStockholm University, Sweden
I. B. PetrovMIPT, Russia
J.-C. SautUniversité Paris-Sud, France
I. A. TaimanovSobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russia

Organizing committee

K. A. Konkov(chair)MIPT, Russia
A. N. ChabanMIPT, Russia
S. V. GorodetskyMIPT, Russia
A. V. KostinMIPT, Russia
E. G. MolchanovMIPT, Russia
A. A. ShananinMIPT, Russia

Conference secretary

A. D. AgaltsovEcole Polytechnique, France