Quasilinear equations, inverse problems and their applications
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny
30 Nov. 2015 - 2 Dec. 2015

Planned talks

  • A. D. Agaltsov
    Title: "A global uniqueness result for acoustic tomography of moving fluid"
  • V. I. Agoshkov
    Title: "Study and numerical solution of inverse problems of the theory of tides"
  • A. Aleksandrova
    Title: "Running wave speed analysis in one Polterovich-Henkin model modification"
  • A. P. Antonova
    Title: "On regularity properties of solutions to Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation"
  • L. A. Beklaryan, A. L. Beklaryan
    Title: "On traveling wave type solutions in infinite dimensional dynamical systems"
  • K. Beklemysheva, A. Ermakov, A. Vasyukov
    Title: "Modeling non-destructive testing of composite materials for delamination identification"
  • M. I. Belishev
    Title: "Intrinsic geometric world of a symmetric semibounded operator"
  • A. A. Belolipetskiy, A. M. Ter-Krikorov
    Title: "Modified Kantorovich theorem and asymptotic solution of the singularly perturbed systems of ordinary differential equations"
  • J. Boman
    Title: "Tomographic region-of-interest reconstruction from incomplete data"
  • A. S. Bratus
    Title: "Distributed replicator system and its application to biology"
  • A. Chernov
    Title: "Primal-dual method for entropy-linear programming"
  • A. S. Demidov
    Title: "Sur le problème inverse magnéto-encéphalographie"
  • V. Dryuma
    Title: "New solutions of the Euler system of equations for incompressible liquid"
  • A. V. Faminskii
    Title: "On global well-posedness results for Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation"
  • A. V. Favorskaya, D. I. Petrov, N. I. Khokhlov, I. B. Petrov
    Title: "Numerical Modeling of Seismic Prospecting in the Arctic by Grid-characteristic Method"
  • A. V. Favorskaya, M. S. Zhdanov
    Title: "Elastic Kirchhoff Integrals and Migration"
  • A. A. Gavrikov, D. U. Knyazkov, A. V. Romanova, V. V. Chernik, A. S. Shamaev
    Title: "Direct and inverse problems of sea surface electromagnetic tomography"
  • A. V. Gasnikov
    Title: "Inverse problems in mathematical modeling of traffic flows"
  • S. G. Gindikin
    Title: "Complex boundaries and complex waves for some ultrahyperbolic differential equations"
  • D. Grigorievikh
    Title: "Mathematical modeling of cracks in the solid deformable bodies using hexahedral mesh"
  • A. Jollivet
    Title: "Inverse scattering in classical mechanics"
  • A. Jollivet, V. A. Sharafutdinov
    Title: "An inequality for the zeta function of a planar domain"
  • G. M. Henkin, A. A. Shananin
    Title: "On the Cauchy-Gelfand problem"
  • V. E. Karpov, A. I. Lobanov
    Title: "Mathematical model of the fibrin polymerization and phase change in blood"
  • S. I. Kabanikhin, M. A. Shishlenin
    Title: "Two-dimentional analogy of I.M. Gelfand, B.M. Levitan and M.G. Krein equations in hyperbolic inverse problems"
  • D. Kamzolov, A. Suvorikova
    Title: "Fast computation Wasserstein Barycenters"
  • D. Kamzolov, A. Anikin
    Title: "Effective numerical methods for huge-scale linear systems with double-sparsity and applications to pagerank"
  • A. V. Kazeykina
    Title: "On the well-posedness of the Cauchy problem for the Novikov-Veselov equation"
  • K. M. Khanin
    Title: "On global solutions to the random Hamilton-Jacobi equation"
  • N. I. Khokhlov, M. S. Zhdanov, I. B. Petrov
    Title: "Integral approximations in seismic modeling"
  • N. A. Klemashev
    Title: "The inverse problem in Pareto's theory of consumer demand"
  • S. B. Kuksin
    Title:"Averaging for weakly-nonlinear PDE in finite volume"
  • P. B. Kurasov
    Title: "Inverse problems for Schrödinger operators on graphs with cycles"
  • A. Lagunovskaya
    Title: "On the relationship between simulation logit dynamics in the population game theory and mirror descent method in the online optimization using the example ofthe shortest path problem"
  • E. L. Lakshtanov
    Title: "On reconstruction of complex-valued once differentiable conductivities"
  • W. Lionheart
    Title: "Nonabelian tomography for polarized light and neutrons"
  • M. S. Malovichko, N. I. Khokhlov, M. S. Zhdanov, I. B. Petrov
    Title: "Integral approximations in seismic modeling"
  • M. Mendel
    Title: "Inverse problem of demand IP-matrix calculation from link loads"
  • D. Merkulov
    Title: "Convex online optimization with noisy first order oracle"
  • P. A. Mikheev
    Title: "The application of gradient method to electromagnetic wavefront optimization"
  • V. A. Miryaha, D. A. Kuchevsky, A. V. Sannikov
    Title: "Numerical simulation of impact of ice formation on Arctic offshore objects"
  • E. G. Molchanov
    Title: "Finding elasticity of substitution in the recourse distribution problem"
  • R. G. Novikov
    Title: "Inverse scattering without phase information"
  • R. G. Novikov
    Title: "Introductory lecture for students «Inverse scattering and applications»"
  • S. Omelchenko
    Title: "The evolutionary inference of the simplest model of splitting traffic flow on public and private ones"
  • M. A. Opritova
    Title: "Regularity and large-time decay of solutions to generalized Kawahara equation"
  • M. V. Pavlov
    Title: "Integrability of the Benney System"
  • P. Perry
    Title: "Global Existence for the Novikov-Veselov Equation at Zero Energy"
  • L. N. Pestov
    Title: "Integral geometry problems on convex Riemannian manifolds"
  • N. S. Petrosyan
    Title: "Asymptotic time-behavior of the solution of the mixed problem for quasilinear scalar conservation law"
  • I. B. Petrov
    Title: "Numerical investigation in solid mechanics of direct and inverse problems"
  • A. V. Podoroga, I. V. Tikhonov
    Title: "Computer simulation for quasi-linear equations of traffic flow"
  • A. K. Pogrebkov
    Title: "Integrable discretizations of integrable PDE's"
  • A. Puro
    Title: "Optical tensor field tomography of residual stresses in fibers"
  • V. N. Razzhevaikin
    Title: "Asymptotic behavior of solutions of reaction density dependent diffusion equations and its applications"
  • O. S. Rozanova
    Title: "On a stochastic representation of solutions to systems of quasilinear equations"
  • J.-C. Saut
    Title: "Dispersive perturbations of nonlinear hyperbolic equations"
  • V. A. Sedaykina
    Title: "Simulation of acoustical imaging in semigeodesic coordinates by BC-method"
  • A. N. Sobolevski
    Title: "Evolution equations in cosmology: hydrodynamic and kinetic formulations"
  • V. A. Sharafutdinov
    Title: "The linearized problem of magneto-photoelasticity"
  • Shuhua Zhang
    Title: "Modeling and computation of mean field equilibria in producers' game with emission permits trading"
  • A. S. Shurup, O. D. Rumyantseva
    Title: "Numerical simulation of the functional approach for recovering vector fields in acoustic tomography"
  • I. A. Taimanov
    Title: "On a numerical study of the discrete spectrum of two-dimensional Schrodinger operators with soliton potentials"
  • D. V. Tunitsky
    Title: "On global solvability of one-dimensional nonlinear wave equations"
  • O. Ya. Voinov, V. I. Golubev, M. S. Zhdanov
    Title: "Migration imaging in acoustic media using Kirchhoff and Born methods"
  • N. K. Volosova, S. P. Vakulenko, K. A. Volosov
    Title: "On the theory of method of quality control of the railroad track from a moving train"
  • A. G. Yagola
    Title: "Error estimation for ill-posed problems"
  • N. B. Yavich, M. S. Malovichko, M. S. Zhdanov
    Title: "Efficient algorithm for modeling low-frequency electromagnetic field and its applicability to inversion of geophysical data"