Nicole Spillane

Who am I?

I am a researcher at École Polytechnique in France (Chargée de Recherche CNRS at CMAP - UMR 7641). My research focuses on the design, analysis and application of new parallel solvers that are efficient but also robust in the sense that they can be applied to problems of interest in the engineering or applied sciences communities. Before that, I was a postdoc at CMM (Universidad de Chile) in Santiago and a PhD student at LJLL (Université PIerre et Marie Curie) in Paris.





+33 1 69 33 45 85


CMAP -- Bureau 2013
École Polytechnique
Route de saclay
91128 Palaiseau cedex

Groupe de travail Numérique du CMAP

The webpage is here.


2017-07-02 I attended the Preconditioning Conference in Vancouver as an invited speaker.

2017-06-26 I had the honor of receiving a first prize at the IMA Leslie Fox Prize Meeting for my SISC article

An Adaptive Multi Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Algorithm and the presentation I gave of it.

2016-03-02 I organized the minisymposium Efficient Iterative Solvers with Enlarged Minimization Spaces together with Daniel Szyld at the SIAM CSE conference in Atlanta, USA

2016-02-08 I organized a minisymposium together with Martin Gander at the DD24 conference in Svalbard, Norway. The topic was : Achieving Robustness with New Coarse Spaces and Enlarged Krylov Subspaces and we had 12 great talks !

2016-02-15 Together with C. Bovet, P. Gosselet and A. Parret-Fréaud, we have written an article about Adaptive Multipreconditioning for FETI: Adaptive multipreconditioned FETI: scalability results and robustness assessment..

2016-10-12 On October, 20th I will take part in a discussion about careers in mathematics at the event Mathématiques, Oxygène du numérique that will take place at the Paris VI campus (Jussieu).

2016-10-01 I started my new position as Chargée de Recherche CNRS (permanent research position) at the applied maths lab (CMAP) of Ecole Polytechnique.

2016-07-05 My articles on the adaptive multipreconditioned CG method have been accepted and will be published soon: An Adaptive Multipreconditioned Conjugate Gradient Algorithm in the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing and Algebraic Adaptive Multipreconditioning applied to Restricted Additive Schwarz in the proceedings for the 23rd international conference on Domain Decomposition methods.

2016-06-15 I recently gave talks on adaptive multipreconditioning at SIAM PP and at MAFELAP .

2016-04-07 Journée Calcul Haute Performance et Décomposition de Domaines organized by the MCS team of LAGA and the Math-Stic pole of SPC at Paris 13.

2016-02-19 Can Adaptive Multi Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient apply to Restricted Additive Schwarz ? Yes, and it's algebraic : Algebraic Adaptive Multi Preconditioning applied to Restricted Additive Schwarz.

2015-09-01 I started my new job at Polytechnique.

2015-08-12 The video of my plenary talk at the 23rd international conference on Domain Decomposition methods (Jeju Island, Korea) is on Youtube. My slides are available on the DD23 webpage.

2015-04-15 My PhD was awarded a prize by the Computational Structural Mechanics Association. Thank you!