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Our aim, in the research project MANEGE, is to provide methodological and conceptual advances in the study of stochastic processes modeling ecology, population genetics and evolution of life.

Darwin's tree of life DNA

Our work will be powered by a sustained dialogue with biologists from several teams in France with whom we have regular exchanges. In addition, the three working groups that operate in each of the three poles of the MANEGE project (Paris, Palaiseau, Marseille) unite all local probabilistic interested in our issues. The French school of probability for ecology, genetics and biological evolution is built gradually through the training of PhD students and the attraction that we exercise in respect of several brilliant young probabilists. Helping young researchers in our discipline to progress to the accreditation to supervise research (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, HDR) is part of our objectives.

This research project follows the ANR Project, Modèles Aléatoires de l'Evolution du Vivant, (MAEV).

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