Modèles aléatoires en écologie, génétique et évolution

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Practical Informations
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Practical Informations

Sites :
  1. Paris
  2. Marseille
  3. Lille


Institut Henri Poincaré

A map and some explanations can be find here.

Ecole Polytechnique

The Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées de l'Ecole Polytechnique (CMAP) is located in building 0, on the 3rd floor. To come, follow the instructions given here.

Jussieu, 1st floor, tower 15-16

The meetings take place at the University Pierre-et-Marie-Curie at the Jussieu site. To come, you can arrive at Place Jussieu (Jussieu station on the subway lines 7 or 10), then go to the first floor between the towers 15 and 16.


The talks will take place at Marseille Saint Charles (near the train station), in the FRUMAM seminar room. See the access map.

Hotel Suggestions:


The meetings take place on the campus of the Université de Lille 1 for Science and Technology (map). The seminar room is the Amphi 13 located in the SUP-SUAIO building (see the map).

Coming with the subway from the train stations: Lille Flandres and Lille Europe are very close. From Lille Flandres station, you can take the line 1 on the subway towards "4 Cantons". Get off the train at "Cité scientifique". To reach the SUP-SUAIO building, go to the main Library (a massive pink and circular building that you can see form the subway station). Pass the cultural Café. Turn right before the building "M1 Mathématiques". The SUP-SUAIO building is at the end of the street in front of the ASCOTEL hotel.

Hotel Suggestions: