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Initiated by Y; Maday (University Paris IV), the theme of the first summer school was the coupling of equations. The scientific direction of the school was done by the research association "Couplage d'équation". The following years, other topics have been developped : wavelets and parallel computing in 1997, error estimate and mesh adaptation, domain decomposition, in 1998. In 1999, the school was about kinetic schemes and the computational techniques in plasmas. The 2000 edition was focused on environnement problems : combustion problems, nuclear wastes storage.

This year, the topics are oriented toward multi-scale problems but other subjects will be considered as well.

  Multi-scale problems in time or space are an important challenge in modeling and scientific computing. 

Some examples of applications are: porous media, modeling of materials, composites, non linear media, random micro-structures, numerical methods for homogenization, propagation in random media, fluids with micro-structures meteorology, finance. Numerical simulations may be either direct, or based on effective behaviors obtained by modeling. For direct simulation of multi-scale problems, the design of efficient and robust algorithms (with a linear complexity) is an important challenge.  Also, intermediate numerical methods which take advantage of the multi-scale structure of the problem are attractive.

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Deadline for registration for the courses : 11th of July 2001
Deadline for registration for the research projects : 1st of June 2001

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