Centre Universitaire Condorcet

This year, the conference is hosted by the Centre Universitaire Condorcet, part of the Université de Bourgogne.

Conference building

EA'01 will take place in the brand new building dedicated to conferences.

Town of Le Creusot

The town of  Le Creusot emerged with the industrial revolution by the end of the eighteenth century, and rapidly became one of the major iron foundries and forgeries in France and in Europe.

In 1876 was created what became for many years the largest steam hammer in the world (63 feet high, 545 tons, 500 tons of hammer power). It was dismantled in 1931 and given to the town as a monument in 1969.

Wine and Burgundy

Burgundy is famous for its fantastic vineyards, producing one of the most appreciated wines in the world. This area of Burgundy starts at about 10 miles north of  Le Creusot.

And finally...

The social event of the conference will consist in the visit of the cellar of a local wine producer, with wine tasting for all (including the bus driver, for an unforgettable ride back !).


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